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D-day terror in Normandy, Prison Camp survival, the East German Stasi, a dark childhood secret, and his hateful wife all confront Franz Schmidt’s pursuit of happiness whilst his nemesis Gerald Clarke fornicates his way through married life with the girl Franz loves.

An informative and emotional historical novel, Escape from Babylon follows these two disparate characters and looks at war, families, sex and betrayal from a man’s point of view. 

"Escape from Babylon is an astonishingly well written first novel. A cross between Jeffrey Archer and Ian McEwan, it is an emotional roller coaster set against the uncertainties of post-war Europe. The main characters are sympathetic, and the baddies horrible."

Sarah Challis 11 time best-selling novelist.

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ISBN 978-3-00-041658-3, 
Berge Publishing, Sangerhausen, Germany.


Chris Woolgrove

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